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"The Devils Playground"

The Crazy Preacher-Tim Tipton

This is what happens when you do not read the rules before entering into the unholy places. As I came to the entrance of the playground, I looked at the playground but I was not looking with my spiritual eyes. I looked on the playground with my flesh eyes. “for all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life is not of the father, but is of the world.” 1John 2:16 KJV Looking through the eyes of flesh all I could see was fast rides, they were so fast I could not see how much fun they were having, but there was a lot of yelling & screaming so I just assumed they were having the ride of their life. There was a rule sign at the entrance but my attention was on all the fast moving rides & people on the rides so when I entered in I didn't really see that warning sign. The only one I saw was the one in BIG bold letters that said “ENTER FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE!” Now when I was twelve I went to church & believed in and served God with all I was taught until I was almost sixteen. Then the devils' messengers came... “ Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Matt 7:15 KJV. And they started trying to get me to look at life with "flesh eyes". I had never put these eyes on until on a day I was on life’s' highway & came to a park that said “DEVILS PLAYGROUND”. As I got closer I noticed the other fifteen-year-old kids were using bad language, cursing Gods name... well I wasn’t gonna do that but the devils' messengers are friendly & pulled in to talk. Their language was different than mine, their foul words didn't entice me. But I noticed the girls in this crowd & you all know fifteen-year-old boys like girls & I wanted to fit in. So I used foul language, not Gods name in vain but not what a godly person would use. This made me fit in the crowd better & before long the words slipped off my tongue like it was nothing using Gods name in vain & this is how I started walking & playing into the devils' playground.

As I entered in it got more aggressive, as the devil does. & with eyes of the world, flesh eyes it all looked really cool, fun, prospering fitting in with the world fashion as I started cursing. This was just the FIRST ride on the Devils' many rides. With every ride, there was a caution sign & this one read: “ Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that takes His name in vain.” Deut.5:11 KJV. But I didn’t read this caution sign until the end. I did feel guilty after the ride & I even said I would never ride this ride again but after a while, I couldn’t feel the guilt anymore & so I just kept riding. You see on this playground of the devils, the longer your there the less guilty you feel... so I went to the next ride. It was smoking. Not cigarettes for me because I couldn’t stand the smell of them & they choked me. I don’t know if they will take you to hell but they sure will make you smell like you have been there. But there was another ride... drinking beer. This ride was fun. You could act stupid & everyone around you liked it, especially the girls, & when the girls got on this ride with me they were really friendly & they acted as stupid as I did, but I didn’t read the rules on this ride & it is hard to get off. Riding cursing & drinking beer rides, the girls loved them & I loved the girls & at the end of this ride was also a caution sign: “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging and whosoever is deceived is not wise.” Proverbs 20:1 KJV and like all rides I read this at the end of the ride. This is where I got on the next ride... it was fornication, sex before marriage. This also had a caution sign & oh how I wish I would have read this one before I took this ride, “neither let us commit fornication’s some of them committed and fell in one day three and twenty thousand.” 1Cor. 9:8 KJV. Sounds like this ride had a really bad crash one day & killed a lot of people. It is not a good ride. The cursing ride combined with the drinking beer and sex before marriage will definitely turn up trouble. Along with these rides came fighting over girls & man did I ever wish I would have read the rules of fighting caution sign: “Be not deceived, God is not mocked; whatsoever a man soweth that also he shall reap.” Gal. 6:7 KJV.

Man, I am beating myself to death, you do reap what you sow. Shot in the side, married, drinking can I afford all these rides? All these rides cost money to keep riding & I stopped & thought, “The the devils playground is costly & the rides are so fast I can't believe how caught up I am already & I am just sixteen now, I have been on this ride less than a year & already I am deep in the devils playground.”I thought about where the exit signs were but no one would tell me, they couldn't because they hadn't been there themselves they were as lost as me. I also realized something on every ride I took that when I got off the ride I was picking up a rider to carry on my back. You have heard the saying; “Monkey on my back”! Well, these weren’t monkeys, they were demons & they were coming up with every idea in the world to get back on the ride. The next ride was something to calm me down...smoking pot. So I got on this ride to just calm my brain down so I would not care about anything that was going on but it only lasted until the ride was over so just twist up another joint my friend till you can't remember again. They say there are two things marijuana does to your brain.

1. ) It causes you to lose your memory. 2.) I can't remember what the other one was. duh! Just like the other rides carrying a demon of marijuana & a caution sign: “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.” 1Tim. 4:1 KJV. The demon of cursing, drinking, smoking pot, fighting & lust of women...each demon wanted to go back & ride. The cursing demon wanted to curse every other word that came out of my mouth was a curse word or something vulgar. This demon wanted to talk all the time that I could barely get a word in & the lust demon ...well he got along with the curse demon. The curse demon would say something vulgar about a woman & the lust demon would try to act on it. If these two demons couldn’t get the job done, they would call on the marijuana demon. If they could get me high where I didn’t care, with this mind-altering drug and mix it with the beer drinking demon. They all worked hand in hand. But I did have a thought, hey I could always say NO right? Yeah right! Arguing with all these demons that I carried off each ride & well without help I couldn't fight off all these demons. I was too weak from carrying these demons around. If only I had someone to help me carry these demons I could get strong enough to fight them off. Now all these demons were wanting to be fed. They were hungry. Each demon cost... the" curse" demon costed people who were holy, not to want to be around you & God doesn't want to hear you cursing him, so He isn't going to talk to you either but he will deal with you. The lust demon cost y marriage. The lust demon liked ALL the girls, and some of these girls man I wouldn't have ever picked these types of girls. So when I gave into him I was unfaithful to my wife, so she divorced me.

The drinking demon cost me my money & my health. How this demon is so crafty, you get so drunk that you don't even remember what you're doing. Puking blood, sick as a dog. I promised this demon I would never drink again but by the next day he had me talked into drinking & I was eating right out of this demon's hand. Marijuana caused my money to go and paranoia to come in. It seemed like everyone knew I was high & the price of pot was higher than the high you got. I spent more time trying to figure out how to get high than actually getting high myself. What a trick the demon pulls! Fight demons cost me bruises, broken bones, bullet holes & jail time. This demon must have been laughing all the way to jail. He talks you into getting mad, into not letting someone else get in your face or your space that they are invading you... so you start fighting for your space. The more you fight the more the demon aggravates till your so full of rage all you know at that moment is to kill & destroy! Just like the devil!! When he's got you broken down & tired of hearing him... he takes it a step further... he goes & tells the police that your acting crazy & has you arrested & put in a 6' X 9' cell! Talk about taking your space!! See there was another caution sign on this ride I overlooked: “ Be sober, be vigilant because  your adversary the devil; as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may devour.” 1Pet. 5:8 KJV

The demons didn't want to stop riding these rides so they would pull me back to all the old places to ride & each time I got on, the ride got faster! I even tried to compromise with all these demons but all they wanted to do was ride. They were so heavy & so hungry I couldn't do anything but give in. It was like the whole world was on my back & the only time they were happy was when they were in control. The rides were costing me everything!! How could I support these demon rides? Well, that's when I got on the next ride... selling pot. This ride was very scary, at any given time you could die from another person on the devil's playground, everyone wants a free ride there, they are all going through what you are going through there too, its every man & woman for themselves! “dog eats dog”. I stopped & thought for a minute AGAIN... I looked back at my life & I looked at the clock on the devil's playground... I was now married a second time, had three bullet holes, was dealing pot & had already been on this many rides & I am only a little over eighteen years old. WOW! How can this be so much in just three years on this devils playground?

The dealing pot ride would pay for the rest of the rides but hey it came with a cost too... for some it was jail, for some it was a prison but for me, it was MORE dope, other kinds of dope & I could pay for these rides too. There was acid... this made your brain go crazy & see things. Really what you see when you are on acid, mushrooms, mescaline, speed, or any hallucinogenic drug is the real evil in the world. With this ride, you can actually SEE the demons & talk to them & they will talk back to you, right in your face. They were scary. They will always try to scare you into suicide. I got on the suicide ride a few times but I got off before the ride was over. But my little brother, he got on it & I never saw him again. I am sure he rode it to the end. He was too young to even be on this ride, he was just fourteen when he hanged himself. You see there's no age, weight or height requirements for these rides on the devils' playground. You just have to be willing to get on. Some people were carried off by these demons never to be seen...EVER again. The dope ride lasted for about twenty-four hours & you would come off the ride & wanted to rest for a while. But it had an effect on your mind later. I remember after long periods of time riding on this ride it took me a long time to think properly.

Now as I stepped back & looked at my life I realized I was on my third marriage, three bullet holes, stabbed twice, both hands broke from fighting & I looked at the clock on the devils' read SIX YEARS -EIGHT MONTHS! How did I ever get this deep in the devils' playground in just a short period of time? Amazing how far I had been drug through this playground by all these demons & I am only a little over twenty-two years old. This just doesn’t seem possible. Now I don’t have anyone to tell me where the exit sign is. A lot of people tell me to quit the rides, but they don't know where the exit sign is either. They think they do but they are just as lost as I am & they are heading to the same place I am too... HELL! Believe me, there are a lot of people with an exit sign that is being lead to a “DEAD END”. That will still end you back at the devils' playground. Now I have to deal dope! Dealing dope is ride is even scarier than the other rides because at any time you can end up on a bad roller coaster ride. So I tried to work & pay for the rides, just riding the dealing dope ride every now & then. The reason was that my wife was pregnant & I decided to stop riding these rides... yeah no more playing on the devils' playground. I went to work in a real job so I would stay busy & not have time to get on the rides on the devils' playground anymore. YEAH RIGHT!! nice thought! I really did try for real, but these demons I picked up was still on my back & as you know by now the cursing demon led to me not being able to hear God. The drinking demon was a cousin to the lust demon & the dope demon was making me not care about the time about the decisions I made. Well... they cost me my wife, abortion & health problems & now I have divorced again & thought it would be a good time to just start over!

Yeah, I started a new life... but not the one I had in mind. Now I know the reason was that “I” wasn't the one using my mind. I had help with all these demons influencing me & now I was on the “KILLER” ride of them all riding it full-time... METH! Yeah, what a ride it was too! This ride lasted as long as you could stay on it. No time limits, the line is the limit we used to say! Oh, this ride captured many riders. They don't even see it coming. As I got on this ride I noticed there were people saying they wanted off but when the ride stopped... they stayed on. How could this be that they would beg to get off this ride but stay on when the ride stopped? This puzzled me & I had been told about this ride & how dangerous it was but hey all the other rides were dangerous too. I figured hey its just another ride! Oh, Man was this ride fast!! it took me up & made me feel like I could fly higher & higher & for once I felt like I was in control of things! I really felt like this ride was the one for me. I never had to rest & the ride would last for however long I wanted it too as long as I never got off. I never even had time to eat... I rode this ride so long I didn't realize how long I had really been on it until one a friend asked me if I knew how much I weighed. I thought I weighed about two-hundred pounds until I got on the scales as my friend suggested... What I saw then blew my mind! I weighed only 143 pounds. See Meth was a great enticement for me because I was already a dealer, I knew how the rides operated which meant I also knew how to get someone else to take a ride & I got to ride for free. Sounds pretty, doesn't it? Well, I came across one of the devils messengers & he told me how to NEVER pay for a ride again, but there was a price & I would find this out at the end of the ride & have plenty of time to pay for it. It was how to cook meth. Yeah, this would mean that I would be able to take a ride whenever I pleased. So I took the “FREE” ticket. How could I have been so blind... it looked so easy & what was the price that the devils' messenger meant when he said I would have plenty of time to pay later? There was a caution sign: “and he caused his children to pass through the fire in the valley of the son of Hinnom; also he observed times, and used enchantments, and used witchcraft, and dealt with a familiar spirit, and with wizards; he wrought much evil in the sight of the lord, to provoke him to anger.” 2Chron. 33:6 KJV. But this didn’t seem at all important to me at the time. So... I took the ticket. Now all the other rides didn't mean a thing to me as long as I was the cook. I could cook up enough money to pay for all the rides! EVERYTHING was FREE... lust, alcohol, luxury!! all of it was free & mine for the taking. I could own many businesses with all the money I made cooking & selling meth rides. I cooked & they paid to ride. This was awesome! I even bought car lots, rent houses, race boats, cabins on the river, grocery stores & I even bought a town, I owned nearly the whole town I grew up in. I could buy anything that I wanted. I even rented a few cops & could make people work for me for free if I just gave them a ride on the devils' playground. It was like being the President! Even better... I didn't have taxes like the President! I had people that would guard me with their life & I didn't have to go before a board of people to pass my bills. All the bills came to me in dollar bills! I was now in charge of everyone on the devils' playground! “In whom the god of this hath blinded the minds of them which believe not,” 2Cor. 4:4 KJV When I would think of the things I had lost while playing on the devils' playground... well... I could always cook the meth, pull out the mirror & do a line, take a ride & things would go away. This went on for what seemed like forever but in warp speed. But I read this sign on the devils' playground...

For a second I glanced up at the clock on the devils' playground, it said: Married five times, now five bullet holes, stabbed four times & to make things worse every DEA & FED was looking at me. Most of my friends were dead from gunshots or overdosing & the clock said I was thirty-four years old! What? How could this be??? It just seemed like yesterday I walked into this playground... man warp speed … fast rides... now I understood with every ride there ALWAYS was a CAUTION sign that read “IT MAY BE FATAL, ADDICTING &/OR HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH” It was then I realized I could never get off the rides. I was there till the end, hooked forever... so I accepted it WAS my life as I took a rock of meth. How I didn't see this before... I will never know... blinded by the devils lies...

I took the meth rock out, broke it up on the mirror, took a razor blade & shaved out pretty little lines across the mirror, and just as I was putting the straw to my nose & bent down to do the line I saw something I had never seen before. It was my reflection... MY face in the mirror, I saw my reflection. Then as I snorted the first line I saw something else in the mirror... it was my first wife & she was crying. It all seemed so sad. She was crying because she was lost in the mirror & then I saw gunshots & death all over, then another wife... my second wife lost in the mirror, she was with my son & she was never coming back with my son. This was too hard for me to face. Then I saw more death, car wrecks, more death...death of little kids without any dads. It was abortion! Oh God, how could this all be in the reflection of a mirror? Then I saw my third wife she was in the reflection crying with my little girl. They would never even speak to me again in the mirror, they were gone like the rest.. more gunshots, my cousin was dying as his reflection went by the mirror, oh how could this be? Now as I was about to do another line I saw DEA & FEDS sneaking up on me, they were waiting for me to come up out of the mirror. This was too scary! Then I saw my fourth wife's reflection, I had introduced her to the mirror & she was lost forever. Now she too was crying. We had both lost. Then I saw my fifth wife & two kids in the reflection of the mirror & they were all lost and crying. Terrible things were going through this mirror, my friends were all dying in the mirror& lost all hope it seemed. Then all the houses, town, businesses, & money I had made were lost in the mirror. Then I looked closer & noticed I could see my reflection again & this time the lines on the mirror were on my face. I was old looking & I was forty-five years old now. How the time from this ride started out when I was just a young man & had sped up so fast. It just seemed like yesterday. Sound familiar?

I snorted another line & I could hear something. It was a song, it said; “Oh what a tangled web satan weaved, when the first batch of meth was made, so white & clean, who would have thought pretty lines on the mirror & the reflection of your face bring death so near, blinded by the shine of the foil we run up & down, chasing the last high as we spin the light bulb around. My nose started itching as the devil was calling my name, I saw a vision of the loved ones I lost playing his game. As I looked deep into the mirror I see the demon & satan, they were telling me you done lost everything, there’s no happiness in life, now end it all & pay up for the ride of your life, then he said I mean for the rest of your life. In hell kill yourself ! do it now! I command it now!”


I looked closer in the mirror... no this couldn't be! I was turning into the demon, how could this be? I was possessed by the demons that were on my back from every ride I took while on the devils' playground. The cursing demon, the alcohol demon, the lust demon, the drug dealing demon... they all wanted me to end my life. How could I live with all these demons knowing I was possessed was too scary to think about? I knew that they were around, I had seen them on all the rides & they were upon me trying to get me to take more rides. But for them to have control over my life, I didn't realize they were in me! And they were chanting telling me it was over & to end it! They were driving me crazy!! I was out of control! If I kept listening to them I would surely end it just to get them to stop! Then the demons told me the ONLY way to get them off my back is to kill myself. As I looked back into the mirror & saw the pretty white lines that were left I saw my life pass before me, my wives, children, homes, jobs, health.... oh how sad this life was that had been given to me, turned out. Then I thought... “Wait a minute! I didn't ask to be born”

I looked deep into the mirror with the pretty white lines, further than I ever looked before, oh what I saw was something I never had seen all the times I had looked into the mirror. As I lay there in the darkness feeling totally destroyed, full of fears, I looked once more into that mirror and saw Jesus... His eyes were full of tears, he was in a garden... it was Gethsemane. The tears were rolling down His face, & the sweat from His forehead was giant drops of sweat & He was praying so intensely that the vessels broke in His head & the sweat turned to blood. Oh, what could He be praying for that was so intense? That was so important? Now I know it was a decision He had to make! Whether to die for ME on the cross! The decision He made while praying, I wondered who He was thinking about in this intense prayer... it REALLY was ME he was thinking about... OH GOD!! Then I saw this person He called “Friend” betray Him with a kiss. & Jesus took this kiss from ME so I wouldn't have to be betrayed by the devil. These Roman soldiers took Him ….but wait! ...He wasn't being forced to go... He went without a fight! Then I saw them take Jesus to this room & beat Him & pulled out His beard! OH!! how this must have hurt from the look on His face & I saw Him still praying for ME... and OH GOD!! They took a branch of thorns & made a crown... NO THIS CAN”T BE!! they put the crown on His head & took a staff & beat the crown of thorns down on Jesus' head!! WHAT GREAT PAIN!! & I saw Jesus... He was still praying for ME! Now they starting hitting Jesus & slapping Jesus with great force! These were big soldiers, muscle-bound! Such horrible pain I saw in His eyes...& then they took Him & there was the man Jesus called “friend” selling Jesus for thirty pieces of silver & thirty pieces of gold. How could this be? After this, they took Jesus off & tied Him to a stump & took this big whip & I saw at the end of each strand there was a hook & glass & they whipped Him thirty lashes. Every lash I could see the pain that was on Jesus' face... & He was still praying for ME... What a bloody mess Jesus was when they made Him carry a wooden cross up this hill. He was so tired & bloody... I could see it in His face... & He was still praying for ME. I noticed the reflection in the mirror … God sent someone else to help Jesus carry His cross & I think WE are to help carry the cross. Then I saw Jesus laying down on the cross & stretching out His arms... He was willingly laying down His life & I could tell it was for ME & then OH NO!! IT COULDN”T BE HAPPENING!!! the soldiers were taking what look like railroad spikes & they began driving them into His hands... I saw the pain on Jesus' face & knew He was thinking of ME! Then He crossed His feet & the soldiers drove the spikes straight through His feet... one spike through BOTH FEET! OH! I COULD ALMOST FEEL THE PAIN!! It was unbearable for me to think about this anymore! I didn't want to look in the mirror anymore. But I knew I had to, so I looked in the mirror & the reflection in the far distance was Jesus on the cross, hanging between heaven & earth & then the most incredible thing I have ever seen happened... it was intense & heart-breaking... It was Jesus taking the last breath & as He took a deep breath He let it out & said with it, “I love you & tell everyone you see from now on that I love them too.”

Well, this was it! I saw Jesus in the reflection of the mirror in my life & He was giving ME His ! I started crying & told this Jesus that was in the reflection of my life that I was sorry for all my sins. And I would love Him forever & I looked in the mirror again, it was blurry with all the tears from me & Jesus. I could barely see anything in the mirror but I looked closer & I saw Jesus spirit leave the cross & go to heaven & I saw these followers of Jesus in a room. It was an upper room. I don't know how I knew this, I just did. It was when the day of Pentecost came.... the Spirit of Jesus came back from heaven and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost & at that time I too was filled with the Holy Ghost & it consumed me fully! Then Jesus said to me;” You have seen my reflection in the mirror of your life, now let your life reflect me.”

They call me the “Crazy Preacher” & this is some of my life's story... I was a drug dealer & a meth cook & came to know Jesus. My life has changed& completely turned around from the life I was living. Don't go on the devils' playground, it will eat your lunch & the demons will lick up the crumbs. I had this vision of Jesus while sitting in a car strung out on meth, I had just done a line at two in the morning and had already been up on meth for twelve days at the time. I pulled over to do a line & Jesus started talking to me in my head. I talked to God all the time but with all my sins & demons, I am sure God could hear me, but I could barely hear Him. We all try to make deals with God. It seems funny we make deals with God & rarely ever keep them. But make deals with the devil & rarely ever break them! So like ALL deals I made with God, & He usually answered them... I made a new deal... A PROMISE! I said “God if you could make me happy'...this devils playground was no fun, just a lot of screaming & fighting, fears & sleepless nights... And I was, in reality, dying at 165 pounds... five bullet holes...but I told God... “If you could take me off this devils playground, & take the demons off & the want of the drugs away”...really at this point I didn't ever think I would be able to quit drugs, after all, I had been to drug rehab twice & three days later I was cooking dope.. yep meth! But I was going to tell God...”I would go to church on Sunday if Jesus could do this for me”... But God grabbed me by my heart & squeezed out a tear. And I said,” God if you will do this for me I will preach for you right now!” Now I really didn’t know that God was going to free me of this drug habit & make me happy, but I did know that if He did I would keep my end of the bargain! It was then that something happened to me as I was slain in the Spirit & when I came to, well let's just say I started preaching two hours later!

It's been a little over fifteen years now... since that day I sold everything I owned, I left Arkansas & went to the streets of St. Louis preaching the gospel every day, telling everyone I see that Jesus loves them & get filled with the Holy Ghost! You see Jesus said let me reflect out of your life, He has... this is nothing I am doing, I am only a vessel of God, wanting to be used & I have seen so many miracles! If you would have told me over fifteen years ago that I would be a preacher & preaching on the streets, I would tell you that you ARE crazy & pass what your smoking around. Well, the "crazy" has hit me full blown, I am crazy about Jesus & what He has done for me, & the only thing that’s smoking is the Holy Ghost that has totally consumed me. I am passing this message of the consuming Holy Ghost around, … life after meth... My life changed drastically after this experience of the consuming fire & so can yours!!










Lord, I come to you & ask for forgiveness. Yesterday is gone & tomorrow will never get here. So from what I can understand, today is the day of Salvation & today is the only day I can serve you. Forgive me for my sins today & show me how to hear your voice. Oh God, I want to serve you with all of my heart & soul today.

In Jesus name- AMEN

"The Cracked Pot" 

(A Season of Life)

Jaimie Tipton

Lydia Johnson

My name is Lydia Johnson and I am 27 years old and I have two beautiful baby girls! I am also a RECOVERING addict! I have been addicted to alcohol, pills, and meth, but by the grace of God, I have been sober for 8 months now. I started drinking when I was 14, which lead to using pills, which led to meth and everything in between, in turn, it ultimately cost me a lot out of my life! I was raised in a church, but as I got older, I stopped going, especially when I got into my addiction as much as I was. When I turned 25, that was really where my addiction led me to places that I never would have dreamed of. I got on meth and I was around people and done things and went to places I'd never dreamed of going. It cost me literally everything that was near and dear to me. My family, my friends, my kids and time away from them, among other things. I got into a lot of legal trouble and ended up in jail 3 times when the last time, I got offered to go to rehab at Holy Ghost Outreach ministries and it truly did change everything for me. We were handing out food on the streets, praying for people and doing fundraisers and stayed busy all of the time and most of all, I got reacquainted with Jesus again after years of being without him and I got to be with people that I will now consider family and my best friends for the rest of my life. I went home and I slipped up a few times, but I came right back to Jesus and do not ever have to look back again. By Gods mercy and grace I have a job, a car, my babies, my family is coming back around and all of the trouble that I got into will be completely gone off of my record in January, but best of all, I have Jesus Christ on my side and I know that I do not have to turn back to all of that darkness and that all I have to do is call out to him when things seem impossible and he makes a way!!